glass wool pipe

I.Perfect Glass Wool Pipe Description

Glass wool pipe is manufactured from a unique rotary process with high density glass wool, which is used for hot and cold pipes in one meter length.

Glass wool pipe is designed to fit pipes of external diameter of 15mm to 400mm with insulation thickness of 20mm to 100mm while other sizes are available upon request. Density ranges from 45kg/m3 to 90kg/m3. Pipes are split longitudinally to provide ease of installation. For application where vapor barrier are needed, pipes faced with aluminium foil are available.

II.Perfect Glass Wool Pipe Specification 

Item                                                                                            unit                                                                  Specification                                                   
Average diameter of fiber um ≤8
Thermal conductivity w/m.k 0.030-0.044
Inflammable property   Inflammable
Hydrophobic coefficient % ≥98
Service temperature °C -120-400
Slag ball % ≤0.3
Water absorption coefficient % ≤1.5
Organism % ≤4
Water % ≤1.0

(1) Density: 48-80kg/m3

(2) Inner diameter: 19-1220mm

(3) Length: 1000mm

(4) Thickness: 30-100mm